For these animals, it isn't just food. It's hope.

Hope that you won't wake up one day in a shelter, surrounded by strange animals, being fed by people you've never seen before. Hope that your family doesn't have to give you up because they weren't able to afford feeding you for another week. Hope that today, tomorrow, and every day after, you will share your life with those who love you the most.

Families deserve to stay together - and that includes the furry ones, too.

The Pet Food Pantry Fund

The Pet Food Pantry Fund is dedicated to giving hope to the pets and families of Ashtabula County. By building relationships with food pantries already hard at work helping families in need, we're able to utilize existing networks to give hope where it is needed the most. Nobody should have to abandon their loved one to a shelter, or worse, turn them loose on the streets and hope for the best.

But we can't do it alone. We need your help. Donations to the Pet Food Pantry Fund will give families hope that they can keep their family together during difficult times and help keep pets where they belong - in a home, not in a shelter.

A Year of Food For Families In Need

Five hundred dollars a month allows us to distribute over seven hundred pounds of animal food to a food pantry. By reaching our goal, we can commit to a delivery every month for the rest of the year. Will you consider a recurring monthly donation to ensure that we are always able to provide hope to those in need, and share our campaign with your friends and family?

The Animal Welfare Center of Ashtabula County is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charity. All donations are tax deductible. Visit our website for more information.