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In order for you to help pets in Ashtabula County in a way that is most meaningful to you, we have created different funds for you to choose from. The money donated to these funds are “restricted” which means that – by law – the money cannot be used  for any other purpose than for which it was donated.

You may donate online securely via PayPal or credit card - see below. You may also send checks made out to "Animal Welfare Center of Ashtabula County" to 80 Eastwood St, Geneva, OH 44041.




DonateA donation to our General Fund  allows us to provide a variety of  services to people and pets in Ashtabula County. We believe the best place for pets is to stay in the community with the families who love them, and through our safety net program we are able to provide support in times of crisis. When the best option for a pet is a new home, our foster program is there to help.

DonateThe Kitten Fund is used to get unwanted kittens into foster care and loving forever homes and save them from a life outdoors with starvation, disease and endless reproduction.

Donate The Pet Food Pantry Fund pays for dog and cat food so pets living with families experiencing financial difficulties are able to stay in their homes while the family is working on finding their footing.

DonateThe Spay and Neuter Fund is used for Spay and Neuter programs targeting low-income pet owners in Ashtabula County. This ensures that everyone has access to this important service.

Donate The Angel Fund provides assistance to pets who are in need of more extensive life-saving veterinary care, such as surgery or longer medical treatment.

Donate The Stray and Feral Cats Fund provides spay and neuter to unowned cats in Ashtabula County who make the outdoors their home.