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DonateA donation to our General Fund the best option if you would like to support everything that we do. The General Fund is the backbone of our organization, allowing us to provide a variety of services to people and pets in Ashtabula County.

DonateA crisis at home shouldn't force you to surrender your four-legged loved ones to a shelter, or worse, turn them loose to fend for themselves. The Home For Life Fund is used to help families in need keep their pets where they belong - at home, for life.

DonateWe have teamed up with food pantries in Ashtabula County to provide pet food to families in need. The Pet Food Pantry Fund pays for food, packaging, and distribution of this much-needed aid so pets stay with their families.

DonateThe Spay and Neuter Fund is used for Spay and Neuter programs targeting low-income pet owners in Ashtabula County. This ensures that everyone has access to this important service.