Community Cats


"Community Cats" refers to cats who make the outdoors in our community their home. They don't have a specific owner or home, but may have a caretaker who feeds them . Stray cats are socialized with humans (they got abandoned or lost from a home), while feral cats have very little to no experience with humans (most of them born outdoors).

TNR - Trap Neuter Return - is nationally recognized as the best way to  manage the population of Community Cats.  The cats are trapped in humane traps, taken to a specialized spay neuter clinic, and is then return to their outdoor location in the community.

The Animal Welfare Center does not have the resources to directly TNR community cats, but we support individuals and neighborhoods in their own TNR efforts by providing information and advice, lending humane traps, assisting in scheduling of  clinic appointments, and when possible, providing financial resources.

If you are interested in learning more about TNR and how to reduce the Community Cat population in your backyard or neighborhood, please call the Animal Welfare Center's phone line 440-462-0008.