Monday 3-14-22 Cat Spay Neuter Transport Instructions


Meeting Location: 2718 North Ridge Rd E, Ashtabula (corner of Rt 11 and Rt 20)

Arrival Time: 6am-6:30 am.  NO LATER THAN 6:30 am! The transport has to leave as soon as possible.

Pick-up is 6pm

Please dress warm and wear proper footwear. It is usually very windy in this location, and icy!!

Park in designated parking spots only –  DO NOT PARK IN FRONT OF THE LARGE GARAGE DOORS!

We have a lot of registrations, so be courteous when parking to make room for everyone. There are parking spots on the south-side of the building as well.

Bring your cat(s) to the white transport van to be boarded and to pick up a folder with paperwork to be filled out. NOTE: payment for additional, optional services is due in cash AT PICK-UP. No payments will be taken at check-in.

If you receive government assistance, bring proof.

If your cat is up-to-date on rabies vaccine, bring proof. We need a copy to bring to the clinic. TAGS ALONE ARE NOT SUFFICIENT.

Make sure your cat has bedding in the cat carrier – a towel, blanket, puppy pad or newspaper.

Check cat carrier(s) are in good condition – check bolts, snaps, and that the door is latched properly.

Please bring CLEAN carriers!

Label the carriers with cat’s name and your last name.

One cat per carrier.

HARD PLASTIC **CAT-SIZED** CARRIERS ONLY! We cannot accommodate dog crates, soft carriers or wire crates. If you need to borrow a carrier from AWC, let us know asap (text 440-231-0053)

Kittens 5 months and younger should be given a LIGHT breakfast. All others should fast after midnight. Water OK!

If you have questions, text 440-231-0053.

We look forward to seeing you tomorrow!