February is Spay and Neuter Awareness Month!

Help your pets live longer and happier lives by spaying and neutering them.

Spaying completely eliminates pyometra – a serious and potentially deadly infection of the uterus – and it greatly reduced the chance of breast tumors (50% of dogs with mammary tumors have cancer, and 90% of cats). Neutering males eliminates the chance of testicular cancer and enlarged prostate.

Spaying and neutering also curbs the undesirable behaviors associated with mating such as howling, roaming, aggression, urine marking and spraying.

Spaying and neutering are the most humane means to control the pet population and eliminate the suffering caused by pet homelessness.

Won’t neutering my dog or cat make him “less of a man”?

No! The ideas of masculinity and virility are based in human cultures and is something your dog or cat is simply not aware of.  Your best friend is still going to be the same dog and he is still going to care about the same wonderful things in life: play, belly rubs, treats and squirrels!

Make the best decision you can for your pet: Spay and Neuter!

The Animal Welfare Center is working on a program to provide access to affordable S/N services. Until we have this program up and running, please seek help from these other available resources:

PetFix (in Euclid)

Ashtabula Low Cost Spay Neuter:  440-789-9423 for dogs, 440-536-1926 for cats


American Veterinary Medical Association

American Humane Society


The Humane Society of the United States

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